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     Enhancing Managerial Skills

In today’s organizations people don’t want to be managed, they want to be led.
Of course this does not mean we get rid of management it means we enlarge managerial skills to include those of leadership also – producing the concept of the managerial leader.

One aspect of successful management is the ability to run effective meetings. Given the amount of time most of us spend in meetings, about a third of which is actually wasted, it is somewhat surprising that so few of us know how to ensure that all our meetings are worthwhile, by having a comprehensive understanding of meeting custom and practice.

Another critical area is that of coaching and mentoring. Analogies are often drawn between the world of business and the world of sport. Nowhere is this more appropriate than in the sphere of coaching. The great masters of sport are coached from the beginning to the end of their careers – and the truly great businesses also see this as a way to developing and enhancing corporate skills – and thus bottom line profits.

One of the primary challenges facing modern organizations is improving employee performance. And performance is a function of both ability and motivation. We have to both be able to do a thing and want to do it to the best of our ability. But, while in the final analysis motivation comes from within each person managers can motivate employees toward improved performance by creating a positive climate where people can be motivated from within.
Also, in the context of an increasingly multi-national, multi –cultural business environment cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity are needed to manage that diversity in those employed.

And all of the above attest to the fact that modern managers have to have a basic skill-set or competency in order to successfully carry out their jobs.

Synaptic responds to those needs in six critical workshops:

Managerial Leadership - Learning to Lead
Running Effective Meetings
Coaching and Mentoring
Motivating Your Staff
Managing Cultural Diversity
Developing Managerial Core Competencies


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