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Welcome to Synaptic

The Cutting-Edge of Management Development.

Welcome to Synaptic – the cutting-edge of management development.

Today, the most significant people management issues faced by business are leadership development, producing a high performance culture, managing talent, and ensuring qualitative and relevant training.

The approach taken by traditional training methods, usually involving several days of intense facilitated learning, often falls short of actually delivering on promise.

This is due, in part, to the sheer amount of information than has to be absorbed in a very short seminar period. It is also compounded by the different rates at which people learn – from the super fast, to the more slow and deliberate.

For whom does the facilitator pace the seminar?

Does it simply run at a speed that allows coverage of whatever has been promised to the client in the given time, irrespective of the optimum comfort zones of individual participants?

Given the above, even if participants have actually absorbed the training concepts on the day, will they remember them for any length of time and be able to put them into practice?

The currently fashionable approach of e-learning also has its own unique drawbacks and problems - especially when used in isolation.

How does an organization accurately evaluate an individual's performance on any development program?

In other words - how do you justify your overall training budgets and do you know if your training approach really enhances your business and its bottom line results?

Synaptic is your solution to these issues.

Synaptic is a coming-together of a group of leading specialists from the fields of management training, business development, team building & motivational skills, TV and film production, e-learning & DVD production.

The result – a unique fusion of those skills - is a training format that encompasses multi-language DVD’s, web-based learning, and group facilitation in an entirely new integrated process that enables those participating to access, retrieve, retain, and develop skills far more effectively than before, and for client organizations to have an objective and accurate feedback of the actual bottom-line value of such training.

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Please enjoy our website, and then talk to us at info@synaptic.co.th about how we can help you make your business even more effective.

Synaptic is the Management Development Division of Hitso-Synaptic Ltd.


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