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     Improving Company      Performance

Corporate Performance is not a static activity. Like individual life-time learning, an organization at the corporate level should be constantly looking for ways to improve and enhance its performance. One critical way of doing this is to ensure that it is always up to speed with a clear  understanding of those things that determine successful performance.

Conflict, once seen as a negative in business terms, if constructively managed, is now understood to be a valuable provider of  positive new ideas that change business and drive it forward.

The need to have, clear, identifiable, measurable goals to aim for in order to deliver a successful business is also of paramount importance, but businesses need to ensure that they know both the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of goal setting and goal achievement.

Perhaps the most important managerial skill needed today is how to manage radical change. Our business choice is quite simple: we either manage change or it manages us!

Decision-making too, lies at the heart of the managerial process. Indeed, it lies at the heart of our personal lives also. Every day, in business and at home, we take decisions, some large, some small, that directly affect the way that we and others will live our business and personal lives.

One other critical factor to manage is that of time. Time management is concerned with the use of effectiveness over efficiency. Efficiency refers to how well you are doing things, effectiveness determines whether you should be doing them at all.

Much of what we do in business is delivered through project management. As projects follow a clear pattern from initiation to completion an understanding of that life cycle enables a successful achievement of project goals.
Imagination is increasingly seen as having a significant role to play in the running of the modern organization. ‘Same’ol, same’ol’ is no longer an acceptable solo ingredient in business planning and decision taking, and a greater role is now seen for thought processes that are not limited exclusively  to the ‘patterned’ thinking of the past. In other words, Creative Thinking, now has an important part to play.

And underwriting all of these, Attitude, Accountability, and Empowerment are primary drivers of the modern business organization.

These critical aspects of corporate performance are the subject of seven major workshops:

Constructive Conflict
Goal Setting & Goal Achievement
The Challenge of Change
Decision Taking & Problem Solving
Managing Your Time
Project Management
Thinking 'Outside the Box'
Empowering the Organization


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