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Combining Innovative Technology & Qualitative Facilitation

Synaptic is a management development organization that offers a creative fusion of the latest technology alongside traditional training techniques.

To explain a little about our overall philosophy and approach to corporate development:

Analysis shows the current training & development marketplace to be split into two different approaches to corporate development programs:

1. Facilitated learning - using an experienced trainer
2. E-learning - using DVD or Internet

Both of these approaches have inherent problems:

Facilitated learning:

  • Results in significant staff downtime in key areas within an organization
  • Inherent inability to accommodate differing individual learning speeds
  • The large amounts of theory and practice involved are seldom effectively
    delivered in the limited time frame available


  • Lacks critical live interaction between participants and facilitator
  • Cannot provide the important dynamic that group ‘face-to-face’ learning does

Moreover, both approaches have difficulty in providing an effective and objective analysis of how successful the learning process has actually been , and also do little to help properly embed the newly learned concepts and ideas in the minds of the participants.

Recent research into multiple aspects of both these methods has resulted in the solution – Synaptic - which ‘fuses’ the best of each approach in an interactive training process utilizing both DVD and facilitator based learning as well as web content. This drastically cuts staff downtime, while still providing facilitator and group interaction, enabling individuals to learn at their own speed, resulting in greater retention and more effective use of core course concepts.

To further embed these concepts Synaptic provides post-learning DVD follow-ups to all course participants – a critical memory aid often overlooked in the traditional training process.

Synaptic also provides detailed analytical reports to HR and line managers giving credible feedback on how each individual has actually benefitted from the course, enabling your company to ascertain the  actual ‘bottom line’ value of Synaptic’s approach.

In today’s complex environment with unprecedented access to information and technology you need to know that your training and development connects your people to those resources best able to complement their skill-development needs.

We believe that Synaptic’s ‘fusion’ technique is the way forward in providing management development programs and we would be delighted to discuss with you how our approach can be tailored to meet your needs.

e-mail: info@synaptic.co.th | tel: (+66) 02-662-4443 | fax: (+66) 02-258-7222
Hitso Synaptic Ltd.: 8 Sukhumvit 47, Klong Tan Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand