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Team Building – The Power of Play

Games are central to the learning process of children –the fastest of all human learners. Through games children are able to enter areas of experience and development in a way that allows them to move comfortably out of their comfort zones, sharing, exchanging, listening, copying, enlarging, transforming. Games allow them to explore and develop in ways they find non- threatening.

Synaptic’s approach to building and enhancing teams, ensuring they are effectively bonded, adopts a similar method. Structured management games are at the heart of Synaptic’s Team Building programs, at all levels of management. The most effective way of bonding or cementing a team together and creating an optimum or best team environment is through the use of management games.

Management games complement more formal training and are used by Synaptic even in those Team Building programs that concentrate more on discussion and debate than on physical activity.

Games mirror aspects of the working environment and its challenges and problems and help to form a bridge that links what is learned in the training environment with what needs to be carried out in the working one. The skill sets and value systems that exist in the working environment are the same that are needed to successfully participate in management games.

Involving individuals in management games, where the success of their personal response is realizable only through team effort, allows them to practice and develop cooperative skills, critical to business success. Moreover, in a games environment, different ways of working together can be explored in a way that can allow individuals to be challenged and developed, leading to behavioral change which can then be carried over into the business context.

Games can thus be used to embed existing corporate values or help introduce desired changes in management thinking.

Games require of all, leadership skills, decision making, communicative skills, planning abilities, respect for diverse opinions, listening and negotiating skills, and many others. They thus reflect, in a neutral environment, those skills that are necessarily applied in the business one.

Management games require engagement and commitment, both of critical importance in the business environment.

Properly debriefed- an essential aspect of Synaptic’s training procedure and practice, they provide a powerful tool for re-enforcing best behavioral practices, encouraging new ones, and helping change-management.

With Synaptic- the Power of Play- is a formidable force for positive change.

This is clearly demonstrated in the three Team workshop options offered by Synaptic:

Working Together: Building the Team
Developing High - Performance Teams
Executive Teamwork


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