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     Up-Skilling the Individual

Together with creating effective teamwork, enhancing the skill-sets of individuals is a critical aspect of human resource development in today’s business organizations.

Individual ability to take initiative and be assertive is an important factor in the creation of effective contributory inputs from an organization’s staff.

Together with initiative and assertiveness the ability to communicate persuasively is vital in ensuring individuals are able to influence those decisions critical to their personal and business lives.

And that ability also plays a major part in strategic negotiation, a fundamental aspect of effective business. If you can’t negotiate you can’t succeed.

These three, together with the effective presentation of self and ideas –undoubtedly one of modern business’s most important skills, form the basis of Synaptic’s workshops on Up-Skilling the Individual.

Developing Initiative & Assertiveness
Persuasive Communication
Strategic Negotiation
Enhancing Presentation Skills


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