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Team Building > Working Together: Building the Team

     Working Together:
     Building the Team

Today most effective businesses have fully embraced the concept of ‘Team’ in the running of their organizations. The idea of a group of diverse individuals working together in order to achieve a common goal or goals is accepted everywhere as the best way to deliver business success. Indeed, many of the most successful modern businesses attribute that success to productive teamwork.

Working Together: Building the Team is the first of three team-building modules that develop the concept from its basic form, through high-performing teams, to executive teamwork.

Starting with an explanation of the importance of the Team to modern business, and how teams are formed, the bulk of Working Together: Building the Team revolves around focused games, with a lot of non-stressful physical activity, which ensures personal and group bonding, the development of team spirit, and the exploration of business challenges through the medium of focused ‘play’. Debriefs follow all such games, and the social bonding aspect is reinforced by a structured social ‘get-together’ on the first evening.


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